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Body Contouring in Orange County: 6 Types & How They Work


No matter the reason and the season, you deserve to feel confident in your skin. Non-surgical body contouring is one of the best ways to target and transform areas of the body resistant to diet and exercise. If you’ve been self-conscious about your lumps, bumps, cellulite, or stubborn fat, body contouring can help get you the results — and the confidence boost — you desire.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a non-surgical treatment often referred to as body sculpting. It aims to contour or shape areas of the body that have not responded to weight loss or exercise. This is a treatment to reduce fat in those stubborn areas for good as you build a healthy lifestyle.

Does Body Contouring Work?

Body contouring works in different ways. Generally, body contouring removes fat, tightens loose skin, or firms up targeted areas. That can happen through heat, cooling, or radiofrequency technology to achieve that desired result. All body contouring procedures below are non-surgical treatments, requiring zero downtime post-treatment. 

Types of Body Contouring

There is quite a bit of variety out there when it comes to body contouring or body sculpting. Let’s get into the details of some of the most popular treatment methods. Note that all of the body contouring treatments below are available at Med Lounge if you’re interested in setting up an appointment for body contouring in Orange County.

Woman has body contouring treatment on abdomen

BTL Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo combines radio-frequency (RF) energy with focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to slim down and tone up targeted areas. 

The contractions produced by the device are unmatched by anything you could do on your own at the gym, which means more efficient results in a fraction of the time. Say hello to your abs again. Tighten your arms. Tone up that booty without a single lunge. 

This treatment doesn’t just target fat cells. It promotes muscle growth, a key combination for those seeking definition in targeted areas.

Fat cells eliminated during the treatment are permanently gone. Expect your results after Emsculpt Neo to last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on your diet and exercise plan post-treatment.

BTL Vanquish ME

FDA-approved Vanquish ME body contouring uses heat from radiofrequency energy to eliminate unwanted fat cells in stubborn spots. The thermal technology heats those cells to the point of cell death so that they are permanently destroyed and removed by the body. This treatment is ideal for a rapid slimdown in the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, waist, and love handles. Most patients see impressive results after just one session.

BTL Emtone

Emtone targets cellulite reduction and improvements in your skin’s overall texture. This body contouring treatment uses heat via radiofrequency (RF) energy and targeted pressure to boost collagen and elastin production. 

Elastin is a protein in the body responsible for skin elasticity. Reduced skin elasticity is known to cause that dimpled skin that is so hard to eliminate. The added heat also improves blood flow and targets enlarged fat chambers under the skin, two additional culprits behind cellulite.

Most patients need four treatments to see ideal results. Expect your results to last anywhere from three months to a year. After that, some report only needing touchup sessions to maintain their results, although that differs with each body.

CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite takes the opposite approach as a thermal technology-based body contouring treatment. The treatment uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells in unwanted areas. This fat freezing method works by attaching a device to targeted areas that works just like a vacuum, sucking up the top layer of skin into the applicator. Fat cells in those areas are frozen, broken down, and eliminated, leaving behind the targeted fat reduction you crave. 

The treatment is popular for targeting love handles, reducing belly fat, and slimming down the thighs. It’s like a minimally invasive tummy tuck. CoolSculpting Elite can also target the submental area (under the chin) and axillary fat (armpit fat). Expect your results to be permanent — you’re getting rid of those fat cells for good, after all — although you should expect to maintain a healthy diet and exercise to maintain those results.

Cellulite on leg

DMK Body Tightening Mask

The DMK body tightening mask uses thermogenic power to target cellulite and uneven skin texture. The relaxing sculpting enzyme treatment uses heat to stimulate your lymphatic system and circulate your blood to targeted areas. This sends unwanted toxins out of the body that causes those lumps, bumps, and unevenness. The result is a toning effect visible after just one treatment. 

Ask us about our Fire and Ice treatment!

The Med Lounge experts combine cryolipolysis and radio-frequency (RF) energy with focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology during this unique treatment. Not all body types or stubborn fat areas are the same. Taking a “combo-therapy” approach can have the best efficacy. Book your complimentary consultation to see which methods work best for your goals.

QWO Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is one of the most common complaints among women of all ages. (Up to 10% of men get cellulite, too, by the way.) That comes as no surprise. It’s nearly impossible to treat without additional measures to hit cellulite where it begins: underneath the skin’s surface. 

Cellulite removal injections use the revolutionary treatment regimen from QWO work to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks. QWO works by stimulating new collagen at injection sites and releasing the fibrous bands underneath your skin that cause cellulite dimples and divots to form. 

That means it doesn’t just treat existing cellulite. It works to prevent cellulite from forming in targeted areas. This is long-lasting relief from cellulite.

Body contouring on upper thigh

Uses for Body Contouring

Each unique body contouring treatment has an amazing set of uses. The most common benefits of body contouring generally include:

  • Eliminating fat in stubborn areas
  • Shaping areas of the body unresponsive to diet or exercise
  • Tightening loose skin
  • Adding definition to targeted areas
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite and uneven skin texture

Body sculpting leads to long-lasting improvements in targeted areas, particularly if you’re already following a solid diet and exercise plan. For many, the result is also a more youthful appearance.

Cost of Body Contouring

The cost of your body contouring in Orange County will depend on your chosen method and how many treatments you elect to have. The body contouring experts at Med Lounge can work with you if you have a budget and develop a plan to support your budget and your body goals.

Your Appointment: What to Expect

Every appointment for body contouring will look a little different, but you can expect a few things before and after your treatments.

How to prepare for body contouring

Your provider will give you specific instructions ahead of your body contouring appointment. To prepare for most body contouring appointments, expect to follow these pre-treatment instructions:

  • Talk to your provider about any cardiovascular conditions, implants, or injuries you’ve experienced in the areas you’d like to target. 
  • Drink plenty of water before your appointment so that you aren’t dehydrated. This will make your treatments more efficient and kick your metabolism into gear. Drinking lots of water post-treatment will only improve your skin’s elasticity.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment. Your provider will need easy access to areas being treated by the device.
  • Remove any jewelry and put away electronic devices before starting your treatment. 

Is there any downtime with body contouring?

There is no downtime following most body contouring appointments, and you should expect to resume your normal activities. Some tenderness or redness in treatment areas is standard with most body contouring procedures. This should go away within a few days. You should contact your provider if you experience severe side effects like fatigue or intense pain.

How Long Does Body Contouring Last?

How long your body sculpting treatment lasts depends on a few things, including the type of treatment you choose and your lifestyle choices post-treatment. 

In treatments where fat cells are targeted, the loss of those fat cells is permanent. Any progress you see post-treatment can be extended with a healthy diet and exercise, as no body contouring treatment should act as a replacement for healthy living. These treatments are a great way to target stubborn areas that haven’t responded to your efforts at diet and exercise. 

Is Body Contouring Right for You?

Non-invasive body contouring is appropriate for anyone who feels uncomfortable in their body due to stubborn pockets of fat, cellulite, or loose skin. The ideal patient has already tried a healthy diet and exercise to target those problem areas with little to no success. An extra boost is what you need to take you over the edge and get you the body you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

If you have more questions about body sculpting, contact us at Med Lounge. Our experts can work with you to make the right decision for you and your body goals. We know we can help get you the body you want and want you to feel your most confident self.

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