Airbrush Tanning Orange County

Airbrush Tanning Orange County

Glow & Enhance

You can get a healthy, natural-looking glow without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. That’s where sunless airbrush tanning comes in. Get personalized, streak-free results and pamper the skin you’re in. 

This is an FDA-approved treatment to temporarily tan skin without the harmful side effects of too much sun. An experienced technician applies a solution that includes dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a color additive that reacts with the surface of your skin to darken your skin tone. The experience is customized and meticulous. Your technician is there to make sure you come out of your treatment with an even, beautiful-looking tan.

There’s no accelerated aging, no sunspots, no added fine lines or wrinkles with airbrush tanning. All you’re left with is a safe, sun-kissed glow.

If you’re interested in setting up an appointment, our experienced technicians at the Med Lounge are here with customized airbrush tanning in Ladera Ranch. You can keep looking sun-kissed year-round.

We only use Eco-Certified DHA, oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance free sunless solution. Our solutions our hypo-allergenic and mild enough for even the most sensitive skin. *Ecocert-certified is the highest grade available.

Benefits of Airbrush Tanning


Although the terms are used interchangeably, there is a difference between airbrush tanning and spray tanning. Spray tanning typically involves stepping into a booth set up with nozzles that release the tanning solution onto your body from head to toe. Your arms and legs need to be positioned just right so that the nozzles do their work effectively, as there isn’t a way to adjust settings once you’re inside.

Airbrush tanning is a more customized experience. An experienced technician uses airbrush equipment to apply the tanning solution to your body. They can adjust as needed throughout your appointment, even removing excess tanning solution in places you don’t want it to be. 

This is a safe, UV-free alternative to tanning in the sun or a tanning bed. Ingredients used in this process are FDA-approved for external use. To date, there have been no studies showing any long-term adverse effects of airbrush tanning, but some experts recommend you avoid inhaling or ingesting the tanning agents for your treatment.

We only use Eco-Certified DHA, oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance free sunless solution. Our solutions our hypo-allergenic and mild enough for even the most sensitive skin. 

No, it won’t make you look orange. Our experts at the Med Lounge will work with you on a formula that will look natural on your skin and give you pre-and post-care instructions to keep your new tan looking great as long as possible.

An airbrush tan is a safe, effective way to get that sun-kissed glow. It’s healthier for your skin than being out in the sun or spending time in a tanning bed.

It can last anywhere from 5-10 days. How you treat your skin in the days before and after your treatment can affect your results and the longevity of your airbrush tan.

What to Expect With Airbrush Tanning

For the best results and to improve the longevity of your airbrush tan, our experts at the Med Lounge have a few tips around what to expect with airbrush tanning before and after your appointment.
  • Exfoliate! The day before your appointment, treat yourself to a deep exfoliating session with a body scrub to remove any dead skin cells that could affect your tanning results.
  • If you shave your legs, do so before your appointment. You’ll want to avoid doing so the day after to improve the longevity of your tan.
  • Showering is fine the morning of your airbrush tanning. Use a basic soap. 
  • Avoid applying any lotions, creams or deodorants the day of your treatment, as they can affect the solution coverage.
  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment, no matter what you plan on wearing (or not wearing) during your airbrush tanning. You don’t want to wear clothing that will rub up against your fresh tan. That includes bras and socks if possible.
  • Avoid scheduling any additional body treatments after your airbrush tanning appointment. That includes manicures, pedicures or waxes. You want to avoid removing any color from your skin for the duration of your airbrush tan.
  • Strenuous exercise, excessive sweating, swimming or taking a hot bath can all make your tan fade faster. If you got a treatment for an upcoming event, you might want to avoid activities that will cause your tan to fade prematurely.
  • You can shave after an airbrush tan, but it may make your tan fade faster. Talk to your technician about hydrating products to use when shaving, and make sure you’re using a fresh razor when you shave for the first time after your airbrush tan. 
  • Moisturize daily after your treatment. Keeping your skin hydrated is an essential component to a healthy glow. Moisturizing will also keep your airbrush tanning fade evenly.
  • Your technician will give you tips on products to avoid after your appointment to improve the longevity of your results. That may include skin care products that have a drying effect on the skin, exfoliating scrubs and aerosol sunscreens. Follow your technician’s advice to keep your sun-kissed glow for the maximum amount of time possible.