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Hormone Therapy in Orange County

Hormone Therapy in Orange County

Renew & Reinvigorate

Hormone therapy isn’t one-size-fits-all. The best programs take a close look at the whole person and come up with solutions that address symptoms of aging that may vary by person. Whether you’re wondering how to delay menopause or looking to address symptoms of menopause in women or andropause in men, the Med Lounge offers well-rounded plans to get to the root of what’s ailing you.

At the Med Lounge, we use tools from OptimizeU, a leader in healthy aging and treatment solutions, to manage the symptoms associated with aging. The programs are focused on personalized treatment plans that come together after providers evaluate known symptoms and analyze each patient’s lab work for the best course of action. That can mean human growth hormone therapy, thyroid therapy, estrogen therapy or a combination of treatment plans to renew your energy, improve your mood and address the physical symptoms of aging.

If you’re seeking hormone therapy in Orange County, schedule a consultation with the experts at the Med Lounge. Age better, feel better and look better with our personalized approach.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy


Hormone replacement therapy is most commonly used to treat the discomfort associated with menopause symptoms in women. That can mean hot flashes, vaginal dryness, chronic fatigue, mood changes, even higher risk of osteoporosis, a condition more common in menopausal women.

In men, hormone replacement therapy has been used to treat andropause symptoms, which most often
include lower testosterone levels and a general decline in mood and overall well-being.

OptimizeU is a custom approach to managing the symptoms of aging, including weight gain, over time. Men and women in the program work with a provider who will treat the signs of aging and identify the root causes of those symptoms. The course of action recommended will be based on a whole-person approach to leave you feeling and looking better as you age.
With the appropriate treatment plan and under the supervision of a provider that has developed a personalized treatment plan for you, hormone therapy can be the answer to the uncomfortable symptoms you’re experiencing as you age. At its best, it has the potential to dramatically improve your quality of life, making sure that your golden years are exactly that.

If you’ve been unable to treat the symptoms of menopause or are struggling with quality of life changes due to andropause, hormone therapy may be right for you. It may also be used to treat the worst symptoms of perimenopause or delay menopause altogether. Our experts at Med Lounge will work with you to determine the best course of action based on your symptoms and what you’re hoping to achieve with a treatment plan.

In addition to taking a close look at your lab work, we’ll look at your family and medical history to ensure that the treatment plan offered is safe and effective for you. 

Hormone therapy is safe and effective when you’re under the care of a provider who has developed an individualized treatment plan for you. That plan may mean tweaks as your symptoms abate or new symptoms arise as you age. It’s a long-term process built on responses to what your body is telling you and your provider.

Living a healthy lifestyle on top of hormone therapy will also benefit you greatly. That means a nutritious diet, exercise and getting enough rest regularly to see optimal results from your treatment. 

How hormone therapy is given depends on the kind of treatment plan you’ll be matched up with. That can mean nutritional supplements, oral medications or injections, or a combination of the two.

What to Expect from IPL Laser Treatments

  • Do not tan before an IPL treatment. You should avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and tanning creams for four weeks before your appointment for the best results.
  • Don’t wax, get a chemical peel or receive collagen shots for two weeks before IPL.
  • Avoid wearing perfume, makeup, deodorant, or any skin irritants to your appointment.
  • Avoid taking drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen that increase your bleeding risk.
  • Don’t take any medication that could make your skin sun-sensitive, such as the antibiotic doxycycline.
  • Before treatment, a technician will rub cool gel on your cleansed skin. We’ll provide dark glasses to protect your eyes. 
  • Expect your session to last 20 or 30 minutes. Larger areas could run an hour or longer.
  • Most patients are OK with the light pulses, but you might feel a minor sting. You may feel like someone is snapping a rubber band on you. If this concerns you, you can apply numbing cream 30-60 minutes before your treatment begins.
  • You will be able to return to regular activities right away. However, you may need to adjust your skincare routine temporarily. Your provider will advise you at your appointment.
  • Most patients see significant improvement within two to three weeks after an IPL skin treatment. The progress will be gradual.
  • You may feel a sunburn sensation for 4-6 hours after your appointment. Applying ice packs or a cool washcloth to the area can help ease the symptoms.
  • You may notice your skin appearing red, swollen or bruised for up to 48 hours. This initial reaction is normal.  
  • If your skin is sensitive, avoid using hot water until it heals.
  • Signs of sun damage and brown spots temporarily darken. They will fade and peel off within a few weeks.
  • Don’t use makeup on sensitive skin.
  • Use plenty of moisturizing lotion.
  • Shield your skin with sunscreen. It must be at least SPF 30 and have a physical blocker like zinc. Reapply it every 2 hours, even on cloudy days.
  • Use a face cleanser for sensitive skin.


OptimizeU offers personalized treatment plans for both men and women looking not to reverse the signs of aging but age better, feel better and look better as they age. Available programs are customized based on symptoms and analysis of root causes of those symptoms to offer long-term solutions as you age.